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If you are building a granny flat for either your investment property, or in your homes backyard with the goal of renting it out, it is important to work out how much rental return you can expect.

Obviously your rental return is dictated by your location and the size and configuration of your granny flat.

The truck specializes in sandwiches, quiche by the slice, two forms of chicken salad (greens topped with grilled chicken or a mayo-based chicken salad), iced tea, lemonade and other forms of American comfort food. Wednesday through Saturday."I grew up when mealtime was fun," said co-owner Rose De Gray, who opened on June 5.

De Gray prefers locally sourced ingredients and makes it a point to shop at Farmers Market of the Ozarks.

She's also working on a community supported agriculture (CSA) project so she can obtain local pork and beef.

Insulating the dwellings for Minnesota weather is also an unknown, she said."Besides the winter, can you imagine trying to air condition one of those in the weather we have had recently? Council President Jeff Goerger spoke in favor of opting out of the law.

He said the Legislature opened the door for good conversation on the topic, but noted if the city does not opt out, people will be able to begin applying for permits before the city has a chance to discuss regulations of the dwellings.


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