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Check with the national Pagan Pride website to see if there's a PPD in your area.

Attending a public festival is a great way to network.

Wedding ceremonies themselves were also a pagan custom, and are not commanded in Scripture.

Wedding rings were and are a pagan custom, and there is no biblical command for them, but we use them in church-sanctioned ceremonies.

Patheos is a non-denominational, non-partisan online media company providing information and commentary from various religious and nonreligious perspectives.

Upon its launch in May 2009, the website was primarily geared toward learning about religions through a reference library and other peer-reviewed resources on 27 global religions and worldviews.

Once you've begun studying Paganism, whether it's Wicca or some other form, you may at some point feel like you're all alone.

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Patheos is the largest English language religion and spirituality site in the world, while the Catholic, Progressive Christian, Nonreligious, and Pagan Channels constitute the largest web presence for their respective traditions.Getting involved in the planning of an event like this is an even better way to meet new people.If you're a Pagan college student, check to see if there's a Pagan student group on campus - many universities have them.Interact with liked minded people who care as much as you do. Sell your witchy goods to an audience looking for you! Simply because something has a pagan origin does not mean that it is sinful to use it, even for a religious use.


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