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In addition to these economic sectors, overseas employment contributes highly in foreign exchange.

Life has given diffulties sometimes, but it does not mean that I want to stay with them.We do NOT support large noisy groups, nor ‘conveyor belt tourism’, where large groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary devoid of spontaneity.Instead, we promote vacations to individuals, couples, families, friends and small private groups. Though Buddhism is the major religion, other religions such as Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are also followed. Buddhism came to Sri Lanka from India during the reign of Ashoka in third century BC and played a significant role in the establishment of Sinhalese kingdoms since the early times, dating back to over two thousands years.Buddhism was regarded the highest ethical and philosophical expression of Sinhalese culture and civilization. Join our site and meet single Sri Lanka men and single Sri Lanka women looking to meet quality singles for fun and dating in Sri Lanka.


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