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In the interest of keeping your Valentine’s Day enjoyable (and STD free), the teams at (HSI) and Safe Wise thought we’d do you a solid and find out which states have the best odds in this online dating roulette. We do see some predictable reasons for the alarming stats in DC, including a concentrated and heavily populated urban area accompanied by a younger population that doesn’t benefit from state-mandated sex education.

While large parts of the South are definitely sketchy, the numbers on crime and STDs coming out of DC are next level. In fact, the District of Columbia’s rates per capita for both violent crime and STDs are almost double the rates in Alaska, its nearest competitor on our Most Dangerous list.

Member and leader Irene talked about the difficulties the group faced while preparing for the album on the September 9 broadcast of the radio show Super Junior's Kiss the Radio and stated that it was "physically and mentally tiring as the comeback date kept getting postponed".

After revealing the first teaser on September 1, they announced that the group will release their third extended play on September 7, with 7 tracks in the album.

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The EP consists of seven tracks, including "Russian Roulette".

Taste of Play tickets on 4th August are available and include a miracle fruit tablet to totally tantalise and flip your taste buds and a mini buffet feast to explore. On 22nd September we are playing at a fantastic venue The Islington Town House just opposite Angel Station.

stare at my phone, swiping fatigue slowly numbing my index finger.

My first interaction on Tinder in LA was with a guy named Doug, a 27-year-old professional athlete. Doug and I chatted for a few days about the usual stuff, which led him to ask me out for “ice cream, a drink or coffee.” It was around p.m. I didn’t have dinner plans, so I told him — in addition to his culinary suggestions — that I also liked food. Is the thought of a woman eating here really that terrifying to men in LA?

When you’re in an intimate, passionate, connected relationship and you anticipate your partner’s needs, it’s an experience of pure ecstasy and joy – but it’s an experience most people never have. Why is that, for some, romantic relationships are synonymous with a loss of freedom and passion?


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    Check with the national Pagan Pride website to see if there's a PPD in your area.

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    Not only are both LPs included, but the 45s "Scene Through the Eye of a Lens" and "Gypsy Woman" are finally brought into the digital domain.