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The show will give a beautiful 40-year-old woman the chance to choose from 20 much younger men for a chance to start a relationship.

,” the young interviewer says, not finishing the thought), and grudgingly convinced by her friend Maggie (Debi Mazar) to lie about her age, saying she’s only 26.Not perfect but highly watchable, it’s the kind of signature program that should appeal to its target audience, and perhaps even help chart the Viacom-owned network’s course from “Hot in Cleveland” to whatever comes next.At the show’s core is a classic romantic comedy setup, which Star (who wrote and directed the back-to-back episodes of the premiere) proceeds to mine and expand upon over the serialized season: Sutton Foster plays Liza, a 40-year-old divorced mom whose 18-year-old daughter is studying abroad.But despite a healthy audience of eight million viewers, the show was cancelled because those viewers weren’t young enough to satisfy advertisers. Here’s some good news: Older characters in non-stereotypical roles are sneaking in all over the place, even on network TV.One place to find these shows is in original programming made for streaming by online companies such as Amazon and Netflix.During the Kiss Off, each contestant gives the Cougar a kiss and if she kisses on the lips, the contestant stays, but if she gives her cheek, the contestant is out.


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