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It was secluded and quiet, the room has privacy and the pool was amazing. Efytchia welcomed us into her home as if we were family. It's the little things that make the big difference. There was plenty of food provided in the way of fruit and traditional Greek Cypriot deserts as well as her own home made jams which were incredible.

The hosts are super nice and welcoming and interesting people to have a chat with too. The village is small, fresh and windy at night with a couple of very nice restaurants walking distance. Our child had the most amazing time with the host and talks of her all the time. The house is over 260 years old, however has been modernised and the family story to the house is something you need to book in to go and find out.

We didn’t miss the chance to chat them up, of course. If we told you, though,you would probably put together a pretty kick ass adult film ! – We took him out for drinks and got him trashed, that did the trick! – Just keep reading the previous answer until you are totally convinced. – What are your plans for Stockholm, apart from winning Eurovision? Is that not the number one priority of all rock bands? – Did you know your lead singer Francois Micheletto has almost the same name as Italy’s artist Francesca Michielin this year? Minus One seems to possess a true rock’n roll attitute, which works pretty goddamn well for us.

– First of all: Congratulations on being the chosen candidates for Cyprus this year! He wanted to write a song with a Justin Bieber sort of sound, but we fixed that! Are you going to Euroclub or just driving around in your fabulous car? – Well, we know some really good power plants in Stockholm. – Well, you kind of got on our bad side with the previous question, but maybe we’ll let you carry our stuff. How about from France (Editor’s comment: Francois is half French)? We have only one country that gives us 12 points, let it go and go pick on one of the others (yes you know who I’m talking about). – We noticed Francois is impersonating Bono in The Voice these days. We can’t wait to watch that adult film in our bright new bikinis sometimes very soon.

Afternoon snacks, ice-cream and full board buffet meals with two visits per week to Aphrodite à la carte restaurant or Olive tree for dinner, subject to availability and with reservation. (F1) I would also say that with current heat in the high 30s an inside bar open throughout the day and provision of coffee's etc would be good. First time in this hotel but will definitely return.

If you are staying in a superior room or suite, you have the option to visit Aphrodite à la carte restaurant for dinner without restriction, subject to availability and reservation. Beach area access needs to be improved, it has a small beach area but non existent. Considering that most cliental have disposable cash to spend. More I have to say this is one of the best hotels I've stayed in.

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It all depends which personality we all are at which moment. We like to say that the song can mean different things to different people. – It was our pleasure, looking forward to meeting you, and yeah……Whatever 🙂 All right, so did these guys live up to our very high expectations?The town were Nadia's room is located is small but the people are so welcoming and friendly and my wife and I went to the local Taverna for a Buzuki night.The food was some of the best in Cyprus as was the atmosphere.I guess he liked the band, and the fact that we don’t play hard rock made this collaboration really easy. – Telling a Cypriot entry they can win the Eurovision song contest? Plus Greece didn’t give us 12 points last year so get over it. Also, we’ve heard this competition is about music, and we like their version of it.Both us and Thomas were on the same page from the beginning and we co-wrote the song. – There are several rock entries this year, including yours. You'll also get after dinner snacks at the Pygmalion Restaurant until 22.30. More regular staff needed for orders or need another service bar at both sides. The staff are so friendly and nice they all make you feel welcome.


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